A biophilic vision for regional Ballarat

A gateway site on the outskirts of regional city Ballarat offered the unique opportunity to deliver a landmark architectural response and multi-faceted tourism hub that responds to global tourism trends.

The site-specific design solution takes advantage of a gently elevated topography to blend subtly into its surrounds. A visionary combination of a hotel, cabins, residential apartments and specialist provedores sets this development apart as a unique tourism destination with no local comparison.

Site elements are interlinked via a central hub, an iconic structure in and of itself, with sculptures and gardens setting the standard for what lies beyond. A 5-star hotel with international drawing power is built upon biophilic design principles, while self-contained ecologically sustainable cabins with plunge pools, private gardens and fireplaces are embedded and hidden around the site.

Carefully planned to avoid over-development of the site, all buildings feature a sympathetic and complementary architectural language and blend into the overall environment.