W Hotel Melbourne

Reveal to Revel

Melbourne’s celebrated bluestone laneways, home to hidden bars, galleries, restaurants, workshops and studios, are the inspiration behind our theme for W Melbourne, reveal to revel. The theme plays out in delightful and unexpected ways; the more a guest explores of the hotel, the more it reveals of itself.

Public Areas

From the moment a guest arrives at W Melbourne, they are transported through a kaleidoscope of experiences that arouse the five senses.

The porte-cochère is dark and moody, lit by a brilliant sculpture that seems to magically transform from the letter ‘W’ (W Hotel) to the letter ‘M’ (Melbourne) as it is circled.

The lobby symbolises a classic Melbourne laneway, complete with cobblestone paving and a soaring lenticular wall art piece, to provide the hotel with an unmistakable sense of place.

Curious Bar celebrates the city’s hidden culinary and artistic treasures. Even its entry from the hotel’s lobby is discreet—a striking sculpture crafted from Corian appears to show the wall ‘peeling back’ to reveal the inviting area beyond.

The top level pool deck features a sophisticated wet bar, serving cosmopolitan cocktails to guests who take in spectacular views of Melbourne. This dazzling, sun-drenched venue is a unique space in which to host upscale events, such as weddings to corporate functions.

The public areas of the hotel provide relentless visual excitement. An enormous mural in the hotel’s lobby by Rus Kitchin and furniture emblazoned with Ash Keating’s distinctive polychromatic paintwork pay testimony to the city’s dynamic art scene.

Guest Accommodation

The guest experience at W Melbourne is truly one of a kind. Unlike most hotels, where spaces typically fit a pre-defined template and there is a limited opportunity to make a creative mark, the interiors at W Melbourne are free from convention.

Guest rooms are a canvas for unconventional ideas and artistic expression, designed to evoke curiosity and inspire an emotional response. Guests at W Melbourne are treated to a distinctive experience at every level of accommodation.

“Standard” rooms feature a signature installation that represents Melbourne’s iconic street-level newspaper kiosks, serving on one side as a spacious robe and on the other as a perfectly contained luxury vanity station. A photographic wrap surrounds the kiosk, featuring the face of a seductive and mysterious young lady.

“Marvellous” rooms introduce a fabulous pullback wall graphic that reveals a colourful native Melbourne bird. These rooms employ textiles that reflect and pay homage to the city’s historic rag trade, which was centred around nearby Flinders Lane.

“Wow” rooms drip with subdued luxury, showcasing handcrafted lamps and tables, while “E-Wow” suites feature a presidential-style layout and flaunt spectacular views across the city’s buildings and beyond, with no expense spared to create an unforgettable experience.

Every detail of the guest rooms has been carefully considered to reflect the hotel’s overarching narrative and provide visitors with a unique and incomparable stay. Each room retains a darkly lit, understated elegance that is a hallmark of the city’s style, while materials, furniture and fittings are resilient and stylish.

In-room hospitality continues the theme of revealing the unexpected, with a glowing, cylindrical mini bar containing whisky and gin from local craft distilleries, and a range of cocktails.

A stay at W Melbourne is an experience in every sense of the word, meeting the needs of an increasingly discerning audience that is not easily impressed.

Curious Bar

Curious Bar invites guests to embrace their inner child. Located underground as part of the hotel yet intended to attract the general public as much as hotel guests, it’s a playful but sophisticated space that is designed to provoke a sense of wonder and discovery.

Once inside, visitors are enveloped in the room’s cocoon-like design, formed from timber beams in a parametric sequence, before being taken on a marvellous journey that feels like an odyssey into a new dimension.

Along the left-hand wall, plush banquet seating leads to a series of discreet booths and a DJ area. To the right is the feature bar that follows the curvature of the tunnel wall. The space flows effortlessly, while the back-of-house has been cleverly concealed to maximise workability and aesthetics.

With its rich colour palette, timber fittings and plush seating, Curious Bar is warm and inviting, permitting visitors to lose themselves in a fantasy world. The space is lit to achieve a moody elegance, while a mirror at the end of the tunnel duplicates the room so that it appears to be never-ending.