A welcoming place set amongst superb parkland.

Connecting neighbours with communal spaces was the defining feature of this ambitious residential development.


Morang Views is predominantly a five storey building with an apex that reaches nine stories, creating a central concentration that steps down to reduce building mass and maximise daylight. The architecture provides views of the immediate garden surrounds while also offering distant outlooks.

Glazed sections of the upper levels are intended to create a lantern effect, visible from distant vistas and supporting the notion of the building as a landmark. Design measures such as balcony screens protect the visual privacy of neighbouring houses.


The interiors brief called for a repeatable modular design for all 275 apartments, a challenge we successfully met. This included a single standard for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and even bulkheads and lighting.

To maximise the connection with surrounding feature gardens and views, uncluttered interior design allowed for unimpeded access to the glazing. Materials were raw yet warm, including concrete ceilings and feature herringbone bluestone tile floors.


Beautiful surrounding gardens were the inspiration for the brand direction. The sparrow, a nesting bird and one that is prevalent throughout Victoria, is symbolic of a species that will travel far before finding the perfect place to call home and raise a family.

The logo is simple and elegant. The wavy line that leads across the bottom and into the word “Morang” is suggestive of a road that takes you home, while the word “Views” sits tall and sharp like the modern architecture on the site. The slogan invites prospective purchasers to own a piece of this progressive, green community.