An American dream

It's arguable that automobile design is one of the most powerful symbols of America. Wrapped up in notions of liberty and independence, the romance of travel and the potent sway of capitalism, automobiles have had an influential effect on the cultural identity of the United States.

The language of automobile design infiltrated American architecture to the extent the two have become intertwined, with the likes of New York City's art deco Chrysler Building embodying the heady optimism of free enterprise while existing as a shrine to the auto.


Our concept for this mixed-use skyscraper in Miami was inspired by the iconic design of the American automobile. Underpinned by a muscular material palette of stainless steel and glass, the building’s simple form takes its cue from the art deco movement and brings it into the modern sphere.

The internal structure is redolent of the Mercedes–Benz logo, with the scalloped exterior and clad ribs lending the design a sense of movement and flair. A rooftop garden bar makes the most of the cylindrical shape, with the building’s apex cut away to invite in staggering beachfront views.