Little Mindil

Aspects to revere

A site of outstanding natural beauty is the canvas for a prestigious waterside development that provides guests with their own private outlook, inviting them to bask in these unique and glorious surroundings.

Little Mindil is located just outside Darwin's central business district in a precinct called The Gardens. To its immediate north is the Mindil Beach Casino and Resort, while the National Trust-listed Myilly Point heritage area is located to the south.

Breathtaking aspects of a seemingly endless seascape to the west and lush tropical greenery to the south are the defining characteristics of Little Mindil and our primary goal was to maximise the innate gifts of this special tract of land.


Incorporating the design principles of Biophilia was a natural choice for Little Mindil. Ethically responsible and acknowledging the human need for daily contact with nature, the development melds gently into the site to complement and amplify its existing beauty.

In keeping with Darwin’s reputation as a progressive tourist destination, the design reflects a modern Australiana through the use of earthy materials, such as raw concrete and timber, and tropical landscaping that offers an appropriate coastal context.

The architectural form is centred around subtle layering that ensures each low-rise building makes an understated impression upon the lot. This principle of cascading design mirrors the textures of the ocean and the topography of the gentle grade of the site itself.

There are three superb outlooks at Little Mindil and we have carefully orientated buildings to maximise views of each. The optimal view to the water offers a panoramic vista that takes in the beachfront, shallow waters and distant scenery. The secondary site assets of views to the river and cliff face are leveraged for buildings deeper in the lot.

Views back into the property, particularly those of the lagoon villas, are of green rooftops to provide scenic vistas from every building and outlook. The envelope is designed with seclusion in mind and to ensure service equipment is hidden.