A fresh take on Japanese traditions.

A restaurant in Dubai, Kitsune was developed as a holistic response that blurred the lines between branding and interior design.


Exclusivity and escapism were central characteristics of the overarching direction for Kitsune. Designed to appeal to a savvy, discerning audience, this meant forgoing obvious Japanese symbolism for a deeper, more intriguing solution.

The name Kitsune, meaning fox, was chosen as it represents faithfulness and intelligence in Japanese folklore, while opening up myriad visual directions that were reflected in the logo and installations. Hachem completely re-designed the interior space with specific roles for the entrance, furniture, landscape and sculpture to amplify and convey a premium Japanese dining experience


The dramatic entrance, previously a utilitarian space, makes a powerful first impression. Textures and patterns for floors, ceilings and walls were carefully chosen to enhance the ambience. The overall result is a magical, serene and fantastic setting for patrons.