A versatile vibe

CBD venues tend to be split into two camps: those that service the breakfast and lunchtime trade and those that come to life after dark. In a small space off Collins Arcade in central Melbourne, Culprit performs a clever double act by transitioning between the two and generating around-the-clock custom.

During the day, Culprit expertly services local office workers and city shoppers as a grab-and-go coffee and bagel diner. Come the evening, it turns into a cosy wine bar dishing up Spanish tapas and cheese

At the heart of this hybrid venue is its striking refrigerator, which emits a warm, golden glow through its soaring glass panels, while serving the functional needs of the venue for a meat and cheese humidor.

Like its clientele, Culprit can be dressed down for casual custom or dressed up for an intimate rendezvous. A range of textures contained in the perforated metal ceiling, plush carpets and sheer curtains offer an inviting appearance and work with finesse to skilfully achieve the transition between day and night.