Evoking the senses to evolve a distinguished brand.

Striking imagery and a provocative slogan were the cornerstones of a refreshed brand identity for this landmark CBD hotel.


As part of the hotel’s conceptual transformation, the brief for Adelphi’s interior design was to create a 3D rendering of the dessert-based theme. We explored this through whimsical colour, pattern and texture palettes, adding light-hearted installations including a lollypop stall and historically-styled dessert cart that paid homage to the history of transportation along Flinders Lane.

From fairy floss in the mini bar to a gift of macaroons that welcomed guests to their room, little touches supported the dessert theme and brought the concept to life. The new iteration of the Adelphi served to create a warm and inviting impression.

“The new iteration of the Adelphi served to create a warm and inviting impression.”


Referencing industrial-period Melbourne, the widely-recognised Adelphi logotype was adapted and updated as part of the hotel’s dessert-based re-branding. The new slogan combined with bold patterns and images to focus on the five senses.

Supporting patterns taken directly from the hotel and its surroundings were applied to the finished marketing pieces. Simple yet distinctive art direction was employed to underline the premium nature of the venue and appeal to discerning customers.