Branding a higher learning service at a higher level.

Targeting both the government and private sectors, this new player needed a marketing approach that would be instantly memorable.




The extreme pursuit of quality


Beauty, proportion and universal law

Addo definition Latin:
To give, bring, place; of feelings, to inspire, cause.


The company offers boutique higher learning seminars. In order to cut through and obtain relevance, it was determined the brand needed to be underpinned by values of innovation and authority. We devised the brand name as much for its meaning as its modernity.

The new company’s logo was designed with a very specific purpose. While it must reflect the innovative nature of the service, it should leverage classical design elements in order to present a professional face. An updated take on heraldic iconography and an unexpected colour palette each played a role in connoting the perception of a subtle shift from convention.

Hachem also created the new entity’s customer-facing positioning line, stationery and digital marketing pieces, which each contributed to a unified brand experience for its target audiences.