At Hachem. One topic that we're a wee bit inclined to whip out the soapbox for, is the need for every single client to have a striking identity within the marketplace. A 'brand' identity is not a visual flourish. It is the beating heart of your business.

In an ideal scenario, we don't just design a good-looking logo for you - we develop a complete identity, a marketing strategy and concepts that will aid your business. And then Bill Murray comes over and we, like, hang out.



The addo icon connects 3 individual symbols of The Chevron, Dimond and the Golden Ration.

Our brand research within the industry gives us some certainty when establishing a new brand for ADDO. The logo intention is to present ADDO as a company that has innovative ideas, is forward thinking and well established in its approach to learning.

Collective identity was inspired by the elegant and graceful lines to replicate a cocktail glass, with multiple layers of light to convey forward movement and innovation, a symbol of prestige and excellence.

This approach establishes the brand as a stylish, modern and innovative company. The icon sits in the middle of the words ‘The Collective’ like a crown while the word gives balance and strength.

Albert and Sydney is a cocktail and wine bar that launched in the Spring of 2015, in Brunswick - a culturally-diverse inner-city precinct of Melbourne.

Albert and Sydney needed to exhibit a distinct a character - or, in fact, two distinct characters. Albert is the fun one - a bit sassy, a bit wry, always keeping you guessing; Sydney, on the other hand, is serious and careful, with a great sense of old-school style and service.

Itum is a property development company that Hachem continue to work with.

The studio developed Itum's memorable name and logo, helping the company to refine both language and ideals which would guide their growth.

The fresh and familial Azurea café / restaurant offers its guests a menu that is simple and classically Italian.

The hand-drawn logo acts a signature - promising a light, quick and casual approach to hospitality and cuisine.

This Deco-inspired motif was designed for a local 'event planning' enterprise.

With flourishes of peacock feathers, the logo's detail and finesse suggest quality, splendour and an eye for fine finishing touches.

To distinguish this stylish residential building from the many others cropping up in Melbourne's popular inner-city suburbs, Hachem developed a real sense of story and character for The Wilkinson.

The apartments were named after a distinguished and charismatic historical figure, whose influence upon the local area is chronicled in the building's foyer.

The Walker is a contemporary apartment building, with a handsome heritage entryway.

In addition to its many stylish interior features, its address is one of the best in town - located on Market Street in South Melbourne, within walking distance of just about everything. The brand created for the apartments has a deftness that reflects the lifestyle that The Walker offers its residents - lively yet relaxed, efficient and urbane.

This novel business idea - the exportation of Australian gold bullion bars, made available for purchase from automated vending machines - was given the name, Lasseter, after Harold Lasseter.

The story goes that Harold discovered a fabulously rich gold deposit in a little known region of the Aussie dessert... but nobody could ever find it, including poor Harold who died trying to claim his fortune. The Lasseter brand identity signifies speciality and prosperity, and plays strongly upon our perception of gold as allusive and exclusive - the ultimate treasure.

Could you guess...

This sophisticated apartment building is named after one of its base materials - the Hawthorn Black brick! Bricks of many colours actually have an important role in the establishment of Hawthorn, where the land is rich in clay and once supported several local quarries. Tens of thousands of bricks were made by hand each week, to create the area's beloved polychromatic building facades. Hachem took a close look at this little piece of history, and used it to create a rather handsome and idiosyncratic identity for the apartments.

Both luxury restaurant and exotic nightclub, Lune was designed for the long lively nights of Dubai.

A romantic visual palette was developed for the venue, which drew from the myriad faces and nuances of the moon, as well as the moods, myths and music that 'la lune' has inspired.

Deck 10 ‘bunked’ inside a city hotel, functions at deck 10 create a playful sense of a party on a cruise ship deck.

Every surface is a canvas to large mural artworks; the unashamedly nautical theme runs literally from floor-to-ceiling. An array of sea-faring memorabilia completes the vision.

Maxcon is an old and well-established family company, who sought a striking image and a distinct edge within the competitive property development industry.

If you have a funny feeling that their visual identity looks a lot like Constructivist artworks and propaganda, there's a good reason for it. Hachem drew boldly and playfully upon familiar iconography to evoke qualities such as strength, leadership, control, vigour and tenacity.

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