This could be the beginning of a very long conversation about the difference between art and design. (Somebody get the sherry). But it isn't. (Darn).

It's simply a brief look at some of our favourite projects, which have been strengthened through an engagement - either literal or conceptual - with art and artists.



Adelphi Mural.
Hachem commissioned Melbourne-based artist Barry Drinan to complete this startling mural for the remodelled Adelphi Hotel. Large and radiant, the artwork greets guests in the foyer, and presents a compelling indication of the sumptuous experience to follow.

Baucis and Philemon.
Hovering above the entrance to Baroq House on Drewery Lane are Baucis and Philemon - emblems of fine hospitality and enduring romance. According to legend, Baucis and Philemon were once humble servants to weary travellers, whom nobody else would grant shelter. When the beneficiaries of their goodness turned out to be Roman Gods - Jupiter and Mercury, disguised in human form - the couple were blessed with prosperous last years and a peaceful shared death, by which they became trees, forever entwined. The artwork was designed by Fady Hachem and built by local artist and is a true testament of collaborative work.

Adelphi Horse and Cart
Unique themes for the new Adelphi Hotel, including desserts and sensation, inspired Hachem to explore all kinds of whimsical associations and extravagant ideas. A life-sized horse and cart, designed by Fady Hachem and built by local artist, makes a most fanciful - but fitting - reception desk in the hotel lobby.

Hachem commissioned Melbourne-based artist Barry Drinan to complete various artwork on it studio building. Hachem sort to personalised the laneway with artwork synonymous with Melbourne laneways.

To complete the interior of the Ffour club venue, Hachem commissioned a series of moody graphic paintings. Playing with visual deception, depth and rhythmic repetition, the artworks echo the venue's decor and branding - in homage to modernist aesthetics and the genius of M. C. Escher. The exercise included the owners painting the stencil work bringing a sense of ownership to the creation of the space.

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